Doug Mink

Aging Bike Activist, etc.

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(I've recently changed a bit)
Things I Like to Do
Bicycling ( activism, bikeways, commuting, touring, HPVs, skiing, mountain biking, Tandems Folding Tandems)
Cross-country skiing
Reading to my daughter (until she got too old)
Politics, too: my U.S. Senators are Edward Kennedy and John Kerry, and my Congressman is Stephen Lynch.
Reading too many magazines and my complete collection of Doonesbury books while listening to the radio
Going to movies ...when I can find the time
Listening to Celtic music
Developing and using astronomical software (It's my job, but I enjoy doing it!)
Where I've Come From
I grew up outside of Dundee, Illinois,
  • attended Parkview Elementary School in Carpentersville, IL, Dundee Junior High School (It was where the parking lots are in this picture) in Dundee, IL, and Dundee Community High School (Class of 1969) in Carpentersville, IL
  • went east to MIT to study Planetary Science graduating in 1973 (masters in 1974)
  • helped discover the rings of Uranus while working at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York
  • returned to Cambridge, Massachusetts to work first at MIT and for the past 26 years at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • I've lived in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston for 22 years.

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