For the Environment

Bicycle commuters do not pollute the air or require extensive roadways or parking lots.

For Convenience

Bicycles take you door-to-door or directly to the MBTA station. No more circling for a parking space. No more traffic jams. In urban areas, a bicycle is the fastest transportation for trips of five miles or less.

For Your Health

When you commute by bicycle, you don't have to make time for exercise--it is a normal part of your daily routine.

To Save Money

By leaving your car home, you save on fuel, wear and tear and parking fees, easily doubling the life of your car. If you can eliminate a car you'll save thousands of dollars per year in payments, insurance and maintenance.


There's a saying that "you never forget how to ride a bicycle," but it would be a mistake just to jump onto your old ten-speed and pedal off to work.


How about your equipment? Some essential equipment you'll need

Getting To Work

How about your riding abilities? Even Boston traffic is manageable if you can ride smoothly and predictably, and communicate with the drivers around you.

Here are some other tips for city riding:


Where will you store your bike and equipment while at work?

What If?

What are your alternatives if your plans change: There are good answers to these questions!

Join Other Bicyclists

The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (phone: 617-542-BIKE) is the bicyclists' educational and advocacy group in Massachusetts, working with government agencies, employers and bicyclists.

The Charles River Wheelmen (phone: 617-325-BIKE) are the major recreational riding club in the Boston area and have weekly rides.

Hosteling International (phone: 617-731-6692) has an extensive program of rides.


Boston's Bikemap by Rubel Bikemaps shows the best bicycle routes in and around Boston, contains information on riding technique, and provides information on train, bus and ferry connections, bike shops, bicyclists' organizations and much more. It is available at many bike shops and through MassBike.

Street Smarts is published by Bicycling magazine and written by John Allen of the Boston Area Bicycle Coalition. This booklet instructs you on tactics you need to know to ride safely and confidently in Boston traffic. It is available from MassBike.

The MassBike Web Site contains lots of FREE information, though we would like you to join. Some useful contents include Massachusetts Bikeways, Bikes on Planes, Biking in Boston Traffic, and others.


Bicycle commuting pays off for you, too! Employees who commute by bicycle save you money by reducing expenses for car parking, improving employee job performance, and reducing absenteeism due to improved health and fitness.
Provide safe parking spaces for bicycles, like a storage room or sheltered parking place that permits use of modern U- shaped locks.
Provide facilities for bicyclists to freshen up after getting to work, at least a washroom. Showers and lockers are ideal.
Flexible Hours
Offer a flex-time schedule so employees can avoid peak time congestion and fumes.
Offer information on bicycling and publicize the facilities available for bicycle commuters.
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