Doug's Favorite Periodicals

I Subscribe to These (Among Many Others):

The Boston Globe
They weren't the first on the Web, but they have the best Web coverage I've seen in the hard-copy edition, and an associate editor in charge of on-line projects, so I expect great things.
The New Yorker
This is where I learn about the world. My current favorite writer here is historian Jill Lepore, who is great at adding historical perspective to current US issues. This magazine can swallow up all of one's spare time!
Physics Today
I get this due to my membership in the American Astronomical Society, and it is a great source of sicence policy information, history of science, and news of last month's physics breakthroughs. The full contents since July 2000 are online.
Science News
I've subscribed to this magazine since I graduated from college; it is a great way to keep up with scientific fields other than my own. There are many free articles, but subscribers get access to everything.
Sky & Telescope
Current contents and coming attractions, plus the contents for the past 10 years. The Sky Publishing Corporation page has useful news and observing information.
Technology Review
I probably wouldn't subscribe to this if I weren't an MIT alumnus--it's the alumni magazine--but it has some writing about technology and its impact on society, though it has gotten a bit too heavily into Wired-style support of entreprenures.
Whole Earth
I subscribed to Whole Earth Review since it was started as CoEvolution Quarterly in 1975 after the last unprefixed (but not the Last) Whole Earth Catalog. They ran out of money before they could publish their 111th issue in 2003, but it's on their web site, with a lot more stuff, too.
Since I live half my life on the Net, I need this to keep track of what's going on in the technical world. The writing is pretty good, too.
Comic strips at and/or
My favorite newspaper comics, besides Doonesbury ®, are Arlo & Janis ®, For Better or Worse ®, Get Fuzzy ®, and Heart of the City ®

I Don't Subscribe to These, But Think They're Interesting:

A membership to the National Air and Space Museum, publishes this magazine which "conveys the adventure of flight and space travel."
The former Magazine of Technology Integration is on-line only, but it still covers every level of computing.
Canoe & Kayak
Lots of online articles and access to paddling information.
Computer Graphics World
Good articles on the computer graphics we see every day and how they are created.
I work for the Smithsonian Institution and can get a discounted subscription, but I don't have one. Articles from recent issues are available from the Smithsonian Institution.
Annals of Improbable Research
The successor to the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

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