Support Bicycle Commuters


  • Bike commuting cuts down on automobile traffic; reduce stress, congestion and pollution
  • Bikes put less wear on the roadways, save tax money used for road repair
  • More car parking; you can park a dozen bikes in one car parking space


  • More parking spaces for your car-driving customers
  • A cleaner environment is a cheaper place to do business
  • Supporting bike commuters will earn you a loyal, healthy clientele


  • Fewer cars mean safer communities with lower speed limits and less congestion
  • Noise, air, water and ground pollution would be decreased
  • Walkable and bikeable communities have higher property values


  • Car accidents involve far more fatalities per incident than bicycle accidents
  • Savings realized on highway, emissions and environmental expenditures
  • Bicycle infrastructure is inexpensive to build and maintain


  • Bikes are involved in less severe accidents and fewer accidents per mile than cars
  • Motor vehicle crashes are leading cause of death for people aged 1 to 24
  • Bike-mounted police need bicycle-friendly infrastructure to patrol
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    The League of American Bicyclists promotes cycling for fun, fitness and transportation, and work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. For more information, contact them at
    1612 K Street, NW, Suite 800; Washington, DC 20006-2082
    phone: 202/822-1333; fax: 202/822-1334
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