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Don't Be a Road Hog

Share the Road.

Bicycles are vehicles too.

Thomas M. Menino, Mayor
Andrea d'Amato, Commissioner
Boston Transportation Department

For bicyclists, Don't be a Road Warrior

Bicycles Belong on the Road

Bicyclists have the same rights and duties as drivers of motor vehicles. (MGL Ch.85 Sec. 11B; BTD Art. 1) Respect for the rights of all users of the road goes a long way toward avoiding crashes. Some bicyclists ignore the rules. That doesn't mean you should imitate their behavior.

You Can Prevent Crashes

Most crashes involving bicyclists and motorists occur at intersections. This often happens when a motorist pulls out from a stop sign or driveway without yielding, or turns across the bicyclist's path.

Make Room for Bicyclists

You may overtake only if it is safe to do so. (BTD Art. 6 Sec. 5) Change lanes to pass if you can't pass safely in the same lane. Leave plenty of room and pass at a safe speed (MGL Sec. 89 Sec. 2; MGL Ch. 90 Sec. 14) Do not cross the center line if you can't see the road at least 400 feet in front. (MGL Ch. 89 Sec. 4) Don't take unnecessary risks for the sake of convenience. If you think a bicyclist is farther out from the curb than necessary, look closely. Bicyclists need to ride at least a door's width away from parked cars to avoiding being hit by a suddenly opening door. Bicyclists also need to allow room to avoid potholes and debris and to pass double-parked cars. Bicyclists may occupy any part of a traffic lane when their safety warrants it. If the lane is too narrow to share, it is safer for the bicyclist to communicate that information by riding in the center of the lane.

Be Nice

City traffic can be slow and frustrating. Don't take anger out on others. Threatening other road users with your voice or your vehicle is impolite and illegal. Bicyclists have the same right to the road as you do.

It's the Law

MGL: The General Laws of Massachusetts.
BTD: Boston Transportation Department Traffic Rules and Regulations

BTD Inspired by a publication from the Toronto City Cycling Campaign.
Funded in part by the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau.

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