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Don't Be a Road Warrior

Bicycle safely.

Our reputation is riding on you.

Thomas M. Menino, Mayor
Andrea d'Amato, Commissioner
Boston Transportation Department

For motorists, Don't be a Road Hog

Bicycles are Vehicles

According to Massachusetts law, bicyclists have the same rights and duties as drivers of motor vehicles. (MGL Ch.85 Sec. 11B; BTD Art. 1) However, the reputation of all bicyclists is hampered by the few cyclists who ride outside the law. Riding by the same set of rules as motorists makes you predictable and greatly reduces your risk of a crash. Law- abiding actions send a message to motorists: "I belong here. And I'm going to share the road in a predictable, courteous wayQ just as I expect you to."

Two Wheels or Four, The Law is the Same

Where To Ride on the Road

Special Rules for Bicycles

Classes in Riding Skills & Bicycle Maintenance

Improve your city bicycling skills. Take a class. Contact MassBike, (617)542-BIKE;, or Bikes Not Bombs, (617)442-0004.

BTD Inspired by a publication from the Toronto City Cycling Campaign.
Funded in part by the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau.

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