This is a sample of bike parking in garages and outdoor bike racks in downtown Boston. Most garages listed here are public. If you work in a building with a private garage, check for a bike rack that may be dedicated for building tenants only. Ask building management to install bike racks if there are none.

Bike locking tips:

Refer to this map to locate the denoted parking areas.
(Note: The map is 185980 bytes and may take some time to download.)

P1: Back Bay Hilton.
Enter from Belvidere Street. Open 24 hours. 10 spaces.
P2: Prudential Center (orange level).
Enter from Belvidere and Dalton Streets. Open 24 hours. 4 spaces. There are also outdoor racks at Huntington Ave./East Ring Road and Boylston Street. at the Star Market entrance.
P3: 116 Huntington Avenue.
Enter from Garrison Street. Building tenants only.
P4: Back Bay Garage. 222 Berkeley Street.
Enter from St. James Avenue. Open 24 hours. 33 spaces.
P5: John Hancock Garage.
Clarendon Street next to Back Bay MBTA. Open 24 hours. 23 spaces.
P6: State Transportation Building.
Building tenants only, even when 95% of the spaces are unused and when public auto parking is permitted after 6:00 PM. 38 spaces.
P7: State House Annex.
Enter near corner of Mt. Vernon and Bowdoin streets at the Beacon Hill monument. 9 spaces.
P8: McCormick State Office Building.
Building tenants only.
P9: Saltonstall Building.
100 Cambridge Street. Covered outdoor racks. 18 spaces.
P10: Suffolk County Jail.
Nashua Street. Covered outdoor rack. 17 spaces.
P11: Thomas P. O'Neill Federal Building.
10 Causeway Street/Lomasney Way. Outdoor racks in 2 locations. 48 spaces.
P12: Boston City Hall.
3 locations: Congress Street, second level, and Government Center entrance. Outdoor racks. 36 spaces total.
P13: Center Plaza Garage.
Enter near corner of Beacon and Cambridge streets. 4 spaces.
P14: One Beacon Street.
Building tenants only.
P15: Exchange Place.
53 State Street. Covered outdoor racks. 8 spaces; 4 dedicated for couriers.
P16: State Street at Merchants Row.
Enter from Merchants Row at South Market. Open 24 hours. 12 spaces.
P17: Broad Street Garage.
Near 75 State Street. Open 24 hours. 12 spaces.
P18: Marriott Long Wharf Hotel.
Enter from State Street. Open 24 hours. 12 spaces.
P19: Boston Harbor Hotel (Rowes Wharf).
Down 2 levels. Open 24 hours. 30 spaces.
P20: International Place.
Enter from Purchase Street. Open 24 hours. 30 spaces.
P21: 125 High Street.
Enter from Purchase Street. 24 spaces.
P22: Hotel Meridien.
Enter from Oliver Street. Open 24 hours. 12 spaces.
P23: 150-160 Federal Street.
Enter from High Street. Open M-F, 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM; Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 38 spaces.
P24: 101 Arch Street.
Enter from Hawley Street behind Filene's. Open M-F, 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Saturday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 12 spaces.
P25: 125 Summer Street.
Building tenants only.
P26: Federal Reserve Bank.
600 Atlantic Avenue. Outdoor rack. 4 spaces.
P27: One Financial Center.
Outdoor rack. Building tenants only.
Produced by BikeBoston, a committee of the Bicycle Coalition of Massachusetts. The print version of this pamphlet made possible by Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, planners and engineers, Boston. Assistance from Ferris Wheels Bicycle Shop, Jamaica Plain. Base map: Central Transportation Planning Staff.

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