Girlz Roll to the Urban Wilds of Mattapan
Sunday, June 12, 2016

On a beautiful day, we had our first Girlz Roll Ride of 2016, visiting seven different
urban wilds--undeveloped parcels in a fairly dense urban neighborhood which are
sometimes protected by the city of Boston and sometimes not. Turnout was not high,
but that meant that Shavel'le Olivier could talk up Mattapan on Wheels, which she organizes,
with people she encountered, Vivian Ortiz could network with them, and Jessica Mink could
learn more about about how residents used their nearby spaces. Alex Gordon contributed to
the conversation and routing, took our pictures, and watched the Girlz' bikes while we hiked.

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All photos are by Jessica Mink,
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Currier Woods Urban Wild

Mattahunt School

Mattahunt Woods Urban Wild

Vivian Ortiz learning to identify poison ivy
Jessicsa, Vivian, and Shavel'le

Maggie's Rock Garden

Around Almont Park

Shavel'le at the top of the Almont Park path

Cookson Terrace Rock

Gladeside Urban Wild

Jessica, Shavel'le, and Vivian

Vivian encounters a trail obstruction at Gladeside

Alex patiently waiting

Shavel'le, Vivian, and Jessica on the trail