Connecting the Neponset Trail, Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We finally got the money for construction design work, with a promise from the
Governor of money for construction of the rest of this trail that I've been
working on for much of the past 25 years. Cathy Garnett, the DCR planner who
has been tireless in working through the construction stage of the project,
getting two 3-miles pieces in place so far, has postponed her retirement to
get it all connected and led us on a tour of the next stretch to be built,
from Central Avenue in Milton to Mattapan Square in Boston. I had hoped
that we might bushwhack the actual route of the trail, but Cathy pointed
out that it's hard to cross the river where one of our gorgeous new bridges
will be, so I was content to walk on streets and the cleared trail on the
Mattapan side to see where the bridges would be. On Thursday, I got my
bushwhacking on the next stage of the East Boston Greenway, across the city.

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