Boston Midnight Ride
Saturday-Sunday, August 10-11, 2013

After a late afternoon rest, reading a novel instead of sleeping, I took the
Orange Line to a get-together in Malden, then narrowly missing a T shutdown,
(and finishing the novel on the train!) got home in time to head off to see
if anyone was meeting me in Roslindale Square for the trip to Copley Square
for the midnight ride. Mark did, and he even allowed for my typical lateness,
but we got downtown in plenty of time, despite the late start my trying to fit
too much into the evening caused, though too late for me to get a 25th
anniversary T-shirt which fit. The highlight of the ride was a 3:30 am trip
onto the Leonard Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston's 21st century icon, but we
made a lot of stops during the 3 hours before and 3 hours after. It's hard
to take good pictures in the dark, but that darkness also gave us lots of
clear streets, plus headlight warnings of the rare approaching motor vehicle.
I was too tired to stay up for sunrise, to I left the ride in Jamaica Plain.

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