Ryan Playground Spray Pool Opening, Neponset Trail, and a Bridge
Saturday, July 20, 2013

With a few friends, I represented the Neponset River Greenway Council at this event which
was major enough for the Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Recreation
To speak. Jack Murray shared the ribbon-cutting with a lot of wet kids, and then we worked on
getting people to leave the cool water on a hot day to look at the route of the future trail
from the playground to Boston Harbor. People from Mattapan liked my presentation enough
that they invited me to repeat it at Mattapan on Wheels three weeks later.
On my way to a barbecue in Waltham later in the day, I crossed the Blue Heron Bridge between
Newton and Watertown. Our bridge between Mattapan and Milton will be duplicate this design.

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And Free Ice Cream Afterwards

Spreading the Word About Parks and Wildlife

Touring the Neponset Trail