A Weekend with Maine Huts and Trails
Friday-Sunday, October 5-7, 2012

Former Boston Bike czarina Nicole Freedman invited the cyclists with whom
she worked to a wonderful Columbus Day weekend in the woods, mountains, and
lakes of northern Maine in and around one of the "huts" of the Maine Trails
and Huts

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All photos are by Jessica Mink, Masspaths.net
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Flagstaff Lake Trailhead to Hut

Nicole and Amy got to the parking lot just as we arrived from Boston
and led Laura and me two miles through the woods on loaded bikes to our hut

Single-Track to Mt. Bigelow

Saturday morning, Nicole led us through the woods to the Bigelow Preserve,
through mud, rocks and a bit of nice road riding.

A Hike up Little Bigelow

After biking for an hour, we switched muscles a bit to climb Little Bigelow,
reputed to have great multi-directional views from the top when it's not foggy.

Flagstaff Lake

After hiking for four hours and biking for another hour, we needed a bit of
exercise before dinner, so we walked down to the lake and explored the shore, with kids.

Flagstaff Hut Energy Systems

After dinner, Chris showed us the systems which power this off-the-grid place.

Sunday morning kayaking and canoeing with Laura and Charlotte

We didn't have to leave for the Maine Trails and Huts Annual Meeting and Barbecue until 10:30, so we took a canoe and kayak out on Flagstaff Lake. The wind was strong and the water a bit choppy, so it took us an hour to loop around our end of the lake and explore a creek.

Biking to the Poplar Stream Falls Hut and Back

Nicole told us that the last part of the 10-mile ride through the woods to the hut was
advanced beginner, but we would rate it a bit higher, with rocks and mud at the same time.
The people at the barbecue were friendly, and the food was fantastic, though we didn't ride
the optimum route back to the road to Flagstaff Lake...

North New Portland Wire Bridge

On our way home to Boston, Laura, who was driving, spotted a turn-off for Wire Bridge Road
and remembered something that she had read in a guidebook. After a bit of meandering, we found this
spectacular wooden-towered suspension bridge. An alternate history of the bridge is here,
and here are inspection records, which indicate that its life may be limited.