Exploring the Next Part of the East Boston Greenway
Thursday, August 22, 2013

I was happy to hear that my friend Tom Ennis, a MassPort planner and long-distance
bike commuter, was working on the design for the long-awaited connection of the
East Boston Greenway from its current northern terminus at the north end of
Logan Airport to Constitution Beach. He and Massport colleagues led a group
organized by the Boston Natural Areas Network along the already-under-construction
trail on an old narrow-gauge right-of-way along the Blue Line past the airport
to the southern edge of East Boston's remaining salt marsh. The Boston Redevelopment
Authority is working on the final, city-owned piece which will get bicyclists
and pedestrians to the beach. Then we'll have a shorter, but more difficult
segment to design and build from the beach to the DCR's Belle Isle Marsh at the
northern edge of the city. I got the bushwhacking today that I missed along the
Neponset River yesterday.

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