Metro Boston Bike Week
Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today's breakfasts were at the Longwood Medical Area, where Laura taught
a bike commuting course yesterday, and Kendall Square, along the
busiest bike commuting corridor I've ever seen around here. Bikes are
grouped by traffic lights--Cambridge enforces them--and I seldom saw a
bunch of less than 10 passing us around 9:00 am. After a hard day of
looking for cosmic rays in high resolution star spectra, I biked over to
the Broadway Bicycle School's Door 3 Gallery to see Kevin Porter's collages
and wish a "Happy Bike Week" to this legendary Boston bike courier.

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Longwood Medical Area Commuteworks Bike Breakfast

Laura smelling the lilacs in Arnold Arboretum

Charles River TMA Kendall Square Bike Breakfast

Kevin Porter's Collages at Broadway Bicycle School