Bike the Charles, Saturday, May 13, 2006

10:00 am, Artesani Playground, Herter Park, Allston

Miles	Action
 0.0	Start at Artesani Playground in Herter Park
 0.7	Cross Western Ave.
 1.8	Cross North Beacon St.
 3.3	Cross Galen St.
 3.4	Cross Laundry Brook on new bridge
 3.4	Enter Upper Charles Reservation path
 4.2	Path ends; use sidewalk or street to corner
 4.3	Cross Bridge St.
 4.4	Enter path at end of parking lot
 4.8	Cross New bike/ped bridge over Charles River
 5.1	Left on Farwell St. across Charles River
 5.2	Cross Farwell St. onto bike path
 5.8	Cross Newton St.
 6.0	Right on Elm St. across Charles River
 6.1	Left through gap in fence into parking lot
 6.2	Left around mill building
 6.4	Historical marker; Moody St. Dam
 6.4	Cross Charles River on bike/ped bridge
 6.5	Cross Moody St. (not easy!)
 6.5	Straight on Waltham riverwalk to its end.
 6.8	Jog slightly left to curb cut at driveway
 6.8	Right on Crescent
 6.9	Right on Prospect or its sidewalk
	Cross Charles River
 7.0	Right onto path
 7.5	Cross Moody St.
 7.5	Straight across parking lot
 7.7	Right on Elm St. across Charles River
 7.8	Left on Upper Charles Reservation path
 7.9	Cross Newton St.
 8.7	Left on Farwell St. across Charles River
 8.9	Cross New bike/ped bridge over Charles River
 9.4	Left on Bridge St. across Charles River
 9.5	Right on path
10.5	Watertown Dam overlook
10.6	Cross Galen St.
10.6	Left on Mt. Auburn St. (or its sidewalk)
10.7	Right on path along Charles River Road
11.6	Right on path along North Beacon St.
12.0	Left across North Beacon St. to path along Greenough Blvd.
12.6	Right on path along Arsenal St.
12.8	Left across Arsenal St. to path along Greenough Blvd.

Miles	Action
	To cut ride short and return to start:
	12.8	Straight on Arsenal across Charles River
	12.9	Left on bikepath
	13.6	End at Artesani Playground in Herter Park
13.9	Follow path under Eliot Bridge and pass BB&N boathouse
14.1	Path follows Memorial Drive after Fresh Pond Parkway
14.9	Pass Harvard Square at JFK St.
15.2	Pass Weekes Footbridge
15.5	Cross Western Ave.
15.7	Cross River St.
16.3	Cross Brookline Ave. at B.U. Bridge
16.9	Enter Phase I of Historic Parkway project
17.3	Cross Massachusetts Ave.
18.1	Go under Longfellow Bridge
18.2	Join bikepath on former Cambridge Parkway lanes
18.7	Get on Land Blvd.
18.8	Cross O'Brien Highway onto Gilmore Bridge to Charlestown
19.2	Right on Rutherford Ave or its sidewalk
19.5	Right on path before Charlestown Bridge
19.6	Enter Paul Revere Landing Park
19.7	Walk bikes across locks above New charles River Dam
19.9	Right on Causeway St.
20.1	Right between O'Neill Building and North Station
20.3	Right along Nashua St.
20.4	Right onto path after Spaulding Rehab Hospital
20.6	Cross O'Brien Highway
20.7	Right to Charles River between tennis courts
20.8	Left to path along Storrow Drive if construction not done
21.4	Pass Hatch Shell
21.5	Right on bridge over lagoon
21.5	Left on path on island along lagoon
22.1	Cross last bridge over lagoon
22.1	Right on path along Storrow Drive
22.4	Go under Massachusetts Ave.
23.5	Go under B.U. Bridge
24.4	Cross River St. (Approach single file carefully!)
24.5	Cross Western Ave.
24.8	Cross Weekes Foot Bridge path
25.1	Cross N. Harvard St.
25.7	Bear right to go under Eliot Bridge
26.2	End at Artesani Playground in Herter Park