Cycle 2000 Challenge

A Boston corporate bike-to-work challenge
in celebration of National Bike Week

May 14th through May 20th

During national Bike Week, Boston-area Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) will sponsor Cycle 2000 Challenge, a friendly corporate challenge designed to encourage employees to Bike-to-Work.
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May 14th through May 20th is national Bike Week, a time to promote cycling as a valuable transportation mode. To celebrate Bike Week and promote bike-commuting, employers compete in the Cycle 2000 Challenge by having employees register to Bike-to-Work at least one day during Bike Week.

Competing within size-categories, employers win points for registered employees and Bonus Points for "Bike-Friendly" amenities at the work-site (such as parking, security, showers, changing facilities, education/safety programs, etc.)


At an awards ceremony and press event in May, Transportation Commissioner Andrea d'Amato will present certificates to the Cycle 2000 Challenge winners.

Employers will also win a Ben & Jerry's ice cream party for employees - scheduled at your convenience.

As an extra incentive, all employees registered for the Cycle 2000 Challenge will be entered into a free raffle. In addition to many small prizes appropriate for bike-commuters, the Grand Prize is a brand-new, collapsible bike by Strida.

Ideal for the commuter, the Strida bike folds to fit easily into a cubicle or to be carried along on transit. Even if you already own a bike, you'll want a unique Strida!

Bike-Friendly Category Bonus
Bicycle Parking
racks or shelters 10
weather-protected 5
near guard shack or security camera 5
Safety Materials
provide info on safe-cycling 10
sponsor workshops or seminars 10
provide discounted helmets 5
Shower and Changing Facilities
provide place to shower/change 15
provide lockers 10
provide above for free/discount to employees 5
User Group
organized group working on bike issues 20
Bike-Friendly Wanna-Be
contact TMA to initiate a Bike-Friendly at work-site
(Only for employers not qualifying for other Bonus Points.
See TMA for details.)


Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) are non-profit coalitions of local businesses dedicated to reducing traffic congestion and pollution and improving commuting options for their employees. (See for more information).

Contacts and Web Sites for Participating TMAs

Allison Simmons - Artery Business Committee TMA
David Straus - CommuteWorks/MASCO 617-632-2796
Erin Gorden- Seaport TMA 617-563-2559
Maureen Flaherty- ITMA/ BU Medical Center- 617-638-7473

Artery Business Committee TMA Interinstitutional TMA
CommuteWorks/MASCO Seaport TMA