Bike Week 1999 Corporate Commuter Challenge Employee Registration Form

To register for Bike to Work Day, Tuesday May 18, 1999, print out and
fill out this form and return it to either your corporate challenge
coordinator, or to Adam Shulman, Boston Bicycle Festival, Boston
Transportation Department, City Hall, Room 721, Boston, MA 02201
(fax 617-635-4295).  All registrations are due by May 18, 1999.
Each company should submit a form, too.

I pledge to bike to work: Please Print

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City/Town: __________________________________  Zip: ___________________

Daytime Phone: ________________________________________________________

Employer: _____________________________________________________________

How do you regularly commute?__________________________________________

I am commuting from_____________________________(neighborhood/city)
Note: Please be specific: Back Bay, South End, Coolidge Corner,
Brighton Center, Kenmore Sq.

I am commuting to_________________________________(Company name and location)

How many miles is your commute, round-trip? _______________________

How many days a week do you bike to work?   _______________________

___ I am interested in leading a group from my neighborhood.

___ I am interested in joining someone from my neighborhood.

___ I plan to attend the Boston Bike Festival, Friday May 21, 1999.

___ Please register me in the Bike Festival Raffle.

I hereby assume all risks inherent in any physical activity and release
and hold harmless any event organizers, and their employers of any and
all claims and liabilities arising from participation in this event. I
have full knowledge of the risks involved and am fit to participate in
this event.

Signature: _____________________________________  Date:____________________

For information call the Bike Festival Hot line: 617-635-2075