1999 Boston Bike to Work Corporate Challenge

Boston's Transportation Department (BTD), the Boston Area Transportation Management Associations, BEN & JERRY'S, CARAVAN for Commuters and MassBike are sponsoring the 1999 Boston Bike to Work Corporate Challenge as part of the 4th Annual Boston Bike Festival. The Corporate Challenge is designed to encourage employers and employees to consider bicycling to work as a fun, healthy, environmentally friendly commuting mode. As an added incentive to participate, Boston's own Mayor Menino will recognize winning companies at the city's Annual Bicycle Festival on Friday, May 21, 1999 at noon. Plus, BEN & JERRY'S will throw the winning companies an ice cream party (specific dates to be determined).

How Does It Work?

The City of Boston has designated Tuesday, May 18th as "Bike to Work Day". Employers are asked to register for this friendly business challenge, where Boston area businesses will compete against one another for the most cyclists participating. Each company who joins the challenge will be asked to register individual employees who pledge to bike to work on Tuesday, May 18th. A list of registered cyclists should be submitted to Adam Shulman, BTD, by Friday, May 14th, 1999. The company with the largest percentage of employees reregistered within their class is the winner!

Company forms and employee forms are available online.

Companies will be divided into classes as follows:

Want to Increase Your Percentage Points?

Businesses can earn Bicycle Friendly Bonus Points. Here's how:

Bicycle Parking: Does your business provide secure racks, lockers, a cage or other methods for employees to safely secure their bike? If so, give yourself 10 bonus points.
Safety Materials: Does your business provide literature to employees on helmet use and how to safely ride on city streets as part of its ongoing health and safety message? If so, give yourself 10 bonus points.
Showers and
Changing Facilities:
Does your business offer employees a place to shower, and store a change of clothes after cycling to work? If so, give yourself 15 bonus points.

How Do We Participate?

Participating in the Challenge is fun and easy! Every registered participant is automatically eligible for a raffle prize to be drawn at the Boston Bike Festival, Friday, May 21.

You can register using the forms you can download from this site. Each company should submit a company form and each employee who will be biking to work at that company should submit an employee form. If a company submits all of its forms together, that will make it easier for us.

For more information and to receive a registration packet, contact Adam Shulman at the Boston Transportation Department, 617-635-4004, or leave a message with your name, and your company's name and address on the Bike Festival Hot Line: 617-635-2075.

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