Boston Bike To Work Week 1995 in Pictures

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Andy Fischer, president of the Bicycle Coalition of Massachusetts, and Bill Taylor, executive director of EarthWorks, hold forth at Boston City Hall on Monday.

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Jeff Ferris of Ferris Wheels Bicycle Shop talks about the Southwest Corridor Bike Buddy Program in Copley Plaza on Tuesday.

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Suffolk University Professor Emeritus Alfred Maleson was our oldest commuter; he came on a different unusual bike on each of the five mornings.

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Wednesday morning's meeting place downtown was Boston Common.

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Free bagels and cream cheese were provided by a different vendor each morning.

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Bridget Chase of the Conservation Law Foundation and Steve Winslow of the Department of Environmental Protection which cosponsored Wednesday's breakfast on Boston Common.

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Photo Credits
The pictures were all taken by Doug Mink on Seattle Film Works ASA 200 film with a Konica Big Mini pocket autofocus camera with a 35mm lens. The pictures came back digitally on a floppy disk in SFW's 640x480x24-bit Pictures on Disk(tm) format. They were converted to 640x480x24-bit JPEG format using SFW's PhotoWorks program running under Microsoft Windows on a 486DX33 PC. Transferred on a floppy disk to a Sparcstation LX, the pictures were cropped, brightened, and converted to 8-bit GIF format--for faster displays--using XV.
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