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Intermodal Bicycling

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There are many ways to use bicycles in conjunction with other forms of transportation. Here is a collection of mail archives and articles describing some of them.

Travel with Bicycles (Air/Rail/Other)

A major resource with information on access to specific airports and railways throughout the world.

Bikes and Transit [top]

Bikes on Buses in Massachusetts [top]

Bikes on Ferries in New England [top]

New England Ferries which carry bicycles

Bikes and Airplanes [top]

Bikes on Amtrak Trains [top]

Amtrak's Twilight Shoreliner trains have baggage service and carry bikes between Boston, New York, Washington, Richmond, and Newport News. If you use their box it's $7 and there's a $5 handling charge, plus you have to have a ticket for yourself. The southbound train #67 leaves South Station at 8 PM and arrives in DC at 6:20 AM. The northbound train #66 leaves DC at 8:20 PM and arrives at South Station at 6:55 AM.
The Downeaster carries bikes on its 4-time-a-day service between Boston and Portland, Maine Bikes may be loaded and unloaded only at the ends and in Wells, Maine. There is limited space per train, and a reservation charge of $5.
Other trains in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, and New York also carry unboxed bikes.
Folding bikes are allowed on all Amtrak trains if folded and not put into overhead luggage racks.
Tandem bikes may be shipped for a fee through Amtrak Package Express (phone 800/377-6914). Also, standard bikes may be shipped this way if they are not shipped as checked baggage. Both tandem and standard bikes must be boxed to be shipped by Amtrak Package Express -- boxes may be purchased at Amtrak stations served by Amtrak Package Express.

Bike Parking Facilities and Laws [top]

Because sometimes you can't take your bike with you.

Folding Bicycles [top]

Folding Bicycle Links
The Folding Society, a UK organization propmoting the use of folders
A to B magazine, with reviews of folders
  • Bike Friday and Bike Tuesday tandem: Road-worthy take-apart bikes
  • Brompton: Lightweight
  • Birdy from Germany: Suitcase-sized, quick-folding, full suspension
  • Caribike Folding bikes of various sizes
  • DaHon: Folding bikes from suitcase-sized with 16-inch wheels to 26-inch wheeled MTB
  • Montague: Mountain bikes which fold in half and tandems which fold in thirds
  • Moulton: The gold standard in take-apart bikes
  • Otoyo: Folding bikes made in Thailand
  • Peregrine Bike Works: Folding bikes with 20-inch wheels and good components
  • PTB Folding Frames: Manufacturer of full-size folding frames
  • Raleigh 20: The classic folding bicycle
  • S and S Couplings: Convert almost any bike into a folder
  • Strida: A belt-drive folder (UK site)
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