East Coast Greenway MA Boston Southwest Corridor Option

Segment# Segment Name Spine/Alt End Points Length Trail Description Owned by Developed by Current Condition Development Status/Next Steps $Committed/ Source Contact People
Bos-SW1 Burma Road Alt Route 128 to Brush Hill Road 2.0 miles Gravel path through wetland with great views MDC, MWRA MDC Crushed stone surface Wetland; paving unlikely 0 MDC Blue Hills
Bos-SW2 Neponset Valley Parkway Alt Brush Hill Road to Truman Parkway 0.2 miles 4-lane street with truck traffic, space for potential side path MDC MDC No shoulders, narrow lanes, truck traffic Include better bike/ped accomodations in next stage of Neponst Master Plan 0 MDC, Cathy Garnett
Bos-SW3 Truman Parkway, Brush Hill Road Alt Neponset Valley Parkway to Mattapan Square 2.4 miles 4-lane road with wide paved shoulders which could be bike lanes MDC MDC Wide enogh shoulder for use as bike lane Designate bike lanes; include car lane elimination in Neponset Master Plan 0 MDC, Cathy Garnett, Neponset Greenway Council
Bos-SW4 Blue Hill Ave. Alt Blue Hill Ave to Almont St. 0.5 mile Busy, wide major street City of Boston City of Boston Busy street with diagonal parking Signage, bicycle accomodation 0 Boston Transportation Dept.
Bos-SW5 Almont St. Alt Blue Hill Ave. to Walk Hill Ave. 1.2 mile Residential street. Almont Park has a crushed stone trail which could be used. City of Boston City of Boston Smooth dirt surface, to be gravel by 1/1/2000 Pavement of path in Almont Park, signage 0 Boston Transportation Dept., Boston Parks & Recreation
Bos-SW6 Walk Hill Ave. Alt Almont St. to American Legion Highway 0.6 mile Possibility of crossing Boston Audubon Sanctuary City of Boston City of Boston Busy street Bikelanes? Bypass with new path through Boston State property and Audubon Boston Nature Center 0 Boston Transportation Dept., Mass. Audubon
Bos-SW7 American Legion Highway Alt Walk Hill Ave. to Franklin Park 1.0 mile Paved shoulder meets bike lane standards. Sanctuary could bypass some of this. City of Boston City of Boston 4-lane high-speed street with paved shoulders Designate and sign bike lanes 0 Boston Transportation Dept
Bos-SW8 Franklin Park Alt American Legion Highway to Morton St. 1.0 mile Much of park road is closed to motorized traffic City of Boston City of Boston Park roads; most closed to motorized vehicles Improve connection to highway; sign for bikes 0 Boston Parks and Recreation
Bos-SW9 Morton St. sidewalk Alt Franklin Park to Southwest Corridor 0.5 miles Stone dust or paved by summer 2000 Boston Gas MDC Fenced off but trail easement exists Connection into Franklin Park needs improvement 0 MDC, Boston Transportation Department, MBTA, Franklin Park Coalition, MassBike/Boston
Bos-SW10 Southwest Corridor Alt Casey Overpass to Ruggles MBTA station 2.0 miles Separated bike/ped paths parallelling rapid transit and train line MDC,MBTA MDC Paved separated bike/ped trail Intersection improvements and route signage needed 0 MDC, MBTA
Bos-SW11 Forsythe St. Alt Ruggles Station to Fenway 0.5 mile Bike lanes proposed for street City of Boston Northeastern University, City of Boston Preliminary planning completed TEA-21 money needs to be committed by state 0 Boston Transportation Dept.
Bos-SW12 Fenway Alt Forsythe St.to Park Drive 0.5 mile Park paths City of Boston City of Boston Paved path Signage needed 0 Boston Parks Dept.
Bos-SW13 Emerald Necklace Connection Alt Fenway to Charles River 0.3 mile City streets and ramp, northbound only for now MDC, City of Boston MDC, City of Boston Northbound connection possible on streets, southbound difficult Charlesgate redisign in prelimary stages, possibly part of major office project 0 Boston Transportation Dept.
Bos-SW14 Charles River Bikepath Spine Muddy River to Old Charles River Dam 2.0 miles Paved bikepath MDC MDC Paved path Signage needed 0 MDC
Bos-SW15 North Station Spine Old Charles River Dam to New Charles River Dam 1.0 mile City streets now, eventually new parkland City of Boston City of Boston Streets with Big Dig construction Signage now; will be replaced eventually by New Esplanade paths $? Boston Transportation Dept., MDC
Bos-SW16 New Charles River Dam Spine Cross Charles River 0.1 mile Walkways over locks and dam MDC MDC Crossable Signage to dam from streets needed 0 MDC
Bos-SW17 Paul Revere Landing Spine Dam past Charlestown Bridge 0.2 mile Park paths MDC MDC Park paths paved Will connect to New Esplanade $? MDC
Bos-SW18 Navy Yard Connection Spine Charlestown Bridge to Navy Yard 0.1 mile Wide city streets City of Boston City of Boston Streets Bike lanes possible; signage needed 0? Boston Transportation Dept.
Bos-SW19 Charlestown Navy Yard Spine Through Charlestown Navy Yard 0.2 miles Cobbled road through Navy yard National Park Service National Park Service Cobbled wide path Signage and official permission needed 0 National Park Service
Bos-SW20 Charlestown Streets Spine Charlestown Navy Yard to Route 99 2.0 miles City streets, possible future path along Mystic River City of Boston City of Boston City streets Signage' possible bike lanes, possible waterfront path as part of ongoing development 0 Boston Transportation Dept., BRA