East Coast Greenway MA Boston Spine

Segment# Segment Name Spine/Alt End Points Length Trail Description Owned by Developed by Current Condition Development Status/Next Steps $Committed/ Source Contact People
Bos-1 Wayside Trail Spine Route 128 to Brush Hill Road 2.0 miles Multi-use rail trail through urba MBTA Cities and towns Some mountain bikeable TEA-21 money needs to be committed by state for planning, alternate route through Weston 0 Waltham Planning Dept., Friends of the Wayside Trail
Bos-2 Waltham Streets Spine Charles River to Wayside Trail 0.5 mile City streets City of Waltham City of Waltham City streets Signage needed 0 Waltham Planning Dept.
Bos-3 Upper Charles Reservation Path Spine Watertown Square to Spring St. In Waltham 4.0 miles Paved multi-use path with great river views MDC MDC: Dan Driscoll Most of path exists; gaps use streets Newton gap needs to be filled, signage is needed 0 MDC, Dan Driscoll
Bos-4 Charles River Bikepath Spine Old Charles River Dam to Watertown Square 7.0 miles Paved bikepath MDC MDC Paved path Signage needed, intersections need lights 0 MDC
Bos-5 North Station Spine Old Charles River Dam to New Charles River Dam 1.0 mile City streets now, eventually new parkland next to river City of Boston City of Boston Streets with Big Dig construction Signage needed; will be replaced eventually by New Charles River Esplanade paths $? Boston Transportation Dept., MDC
Bos-6 New Charles River Dam Spine Cross Charles River 0.1 mile Walkways over locks and dam MDC MDC Crossable Signage to dam from streets needed 0 MDC
Bos-7 Paul Revere Landing Spine Dam past Charlestown Bridge 0.2 mile Park paths MDC MDC Park paths paved Will connect to New Esplanade $? MDC
Bos-8 Navy Yard Connection Spine Charlestown Bridge to Navy Yard 0.1 mile Wide city streets City of Boston City of Boston Streets Bike lanes possible; signage needed 0? Boston Transportation Dept.
Bos-9 Charlestown Navy Yard Spine Through Charlestown Navy Yard 0.2 miles Cobbled road through Navy yard National Park Service National Park Service Cobbled wide path Signage and official permission needed 0 National Park Service
Bos-10 Charlestown Streets Spine Charlestown Navy Yard to Route 99 2.0 miles City streets, possible future path along Mystic River City of Boston City of Boston City streets Signage, possible bike lanes, possible waterfront path as part of ongoing development 0 Boston Transportation Dept., BRA