East Coast Greenway Boston Routes

Neponset River, Boston Harbor, and Southwest Corridor Loop

Starting in Mattapan Square and following the Neponset River to Boston Harbor, this route uses an railroad right-of-way which will soon be paved as a trail. Passing the under-construction Pope John Paul II park, it crosses the waterfront neighborhood of Port Norfolk to the Tenean Beach bikepath. After following the soon-to-be-bikelaned Morrisey Boulevard to Columbia Point, the ride takes a waterfron path around the UMass campus, the state archives and the Kennedy Library to glorious views of downtown Boston from separated bike/ped paths along the Harborpoint Apartments. Crossing South Boston, the route follows Boston's working waterfront to Fort Point Channel, where it heads through the South End to the Southwest Corridor, which it follows to Forest Hills. The route crosses Franklin Park on closed roads, then follows bikelanes to the Boston State Hospital. Wide streets lead back to Mattapan Square.

Neponset River and Boston Harbor: Scenic Route

 0.0  South on Blue Hill Parkway from Mattapan Square
 0.1  L. at first U-Turn
 0.1  Straight on.Curtis St.
 0.2  R. on Briarwood Road
 0.3  L. on Eliot St.
 1.3  L. on Central Ave.
 1.4  R. on bikepath between trolley tracks and bridge
 1.7  Straight under Adams St.
 1.8  Cross Neponset River on volunteer-built bridge
 1.9  Pass Butler St. trolley station
 2.2  Under Ashmont-Mattapan trolley line
 2.5  Cross Granite Ave. (note drawbridge on right)
 2.6  Jersey barriers are stored on trail illegally
 2.7  Pass truck parked illegally on trail
 2.9  Cross Keystone St.
 3.0  Straight to corner of  parking lot
 3.1  R. on Hallet St.
 3.2  R. on Gallivan Blvd.(Watch expressway ramp on right)
 3.3  R. just before Hancock St. Bridge
 3.5  Stop at river (We saw a seal here March 20)
 3.5  L. toward appliance store
 3.6  R. on Taylor St.
 3.7  L. on Rice St.
 3.7  Straight on Woodworth St.
 3.8  R. on Redfield St.
 4.0  L. on Water St.
 4.2  L. on Ericsson St.
 4.3  L. on Lawley St.
 4.5  R. on Tenean St..
 4.6  R. on bike path past gate
      (Tenean Beach will be renovated this spring)
 4.8  Go under S.E. Expressway on sidewalk
 4.9  R. on Tenean St.
 5.0  R. on frontage road
 5.3  R. on Victory Rd. under S.E. Expressway
      (MDC is negotiating for easement on Boston Gas property)
 5.4  Turn around
 5.4  R. on Freeport St.
 5.6  R. on Morrissey Blvd. at light
      (Bike lanes and sharable sidewalk are being added)
 6.5  R. on wide sidewalk before U.Mass. entrance
      Follow path around Columbia Point past Kennedy Library
 7.6  Cross grass to gravel path
      (Calf Pasture is being taken over by U.Mass.)
 7.9  R. onto sidewalk or bikepath at Harbor Point Apartments
      (Note interpretive markers and GREAT view of downtown)
 8.3  Follow path behind Bayside Expo Center
 8.4  Rest at recently renovated "Mothers' Rest" pavilion
      Follow wide sidewalk along Carson Beach
 9.5  L. on L St. (at L St. Bathhouse)
10.4  Cross Reserve Channel on Summer St..
10.6  R. on Drydock Ave.
10.7  L. on Harbor Ave.
10.8  L. on Northern Ave.
11.6  L. on Sleeper St.
11.8  L. on Congress St.
11.9  R. on A St.
12.5  R. on Broadway over Fort Point Channel
12.9  Straight on Herald after crossing Mass. Pike
13.1  L. on Shawmut Ave.
13.6  R. on Dartmouth St.

The Southwest Corridor: Urban Park Route

14.1  L. on Southwest Corridor at Copley Place
14.6  Cross Mass. Ave. (No signal)
14.7  L. on Camden St.
14.8  R. on path along Columbus Ave..
15.0  Straight on Southwest Corridor Bikepath at Ruggles station
17.8  L. on path at end of Southwest Corridor
17.9  Cross Washington St.
      Follow sidewalk to Franklin Park
18.4  R. on park road just past Shattuck Hospital
      Follow road past pond and stables to golf course
18.9  R. on American Legion Highway
      (side paved shoulders could become bike lanes)
19.9  L. on Walk Hill Ave.
      (Massachusetts Audubon Boston Nature Center on left)
20.5  R. on Almont St. just past Harvard St.
20.9  Almont Park is large and interesting,
      and a path connects to Blue Hill Ave.
21.1  R. on Blue Hill Ave.
21.7  Finish at Mattapan Square