East Coast Greenway Boston Routes

Emerald Necklace, Southwest Corridor, and Charlestown Loop

This ride starts at Paul's Bridge, where the Neponset Valley Parkway crosses the Neponset River at the border between the Readville neighborhood of Boston and the town of Milton. It crosses a major tributary of the Neponset, Mother Brook, and follows Stony Brook to the highest point in Boston, Bellevue Hill in West Roxbury, before joining the Emerald Necklace of parks in the Arnold Arboretum. It follows the Muddy River to the Back Bay Fens, then joins the Charles River Bikepath. After a loop around Bunker Hill in Charlestown, which takes us to several places where the East Coast Greenway route from the north can enter Boston, the route heads back along the Charles River to the Dartmouth St. bridge, where it cuts over to the Southwest Corridor. From Forest Hills, where the Corridor ends, the ride goes through Franklin Park, the Boston State Hospital grounds, and Almont Park to Mattapan. Wide paved shoulders on the Truman Parkway along the Neponset River lead back to the Neponset Valley Parkway and the starting point.

The Emerald Necklace and Beyond: Historic Route

 0.0 West on Neponset Valley Parkway from Paul's Bridge
 0.7 Follow Parkway through Readville and over train tracks
 1.0 R. on Readville St.
 1.2 Cross dam on Mill Pond of Mother Brook
 1.3 Cross River St.
 1.4 Follow paved path along edge of Kelly Field to Bajko Rink
 1.6 R. on bikepath into woods from parking lot
 1.9 L. on Reservation Road
 2.0 R. on Smith Field Road
 2.3 Cross Enneking Parkway into woods
     R. on East Boundary Path (quiet woods) or
     L. on Stony Brook Path (view of Turtle Pond)
 3.5 Cross Blue Ledge Drive onto dirt path
 3.6 Cross Washington St. (note view of Boston skyline to right)
     Follow narrow paved path
 3.7 Cross West Roxbury Parkway
     Go around gate onto Belleview Hill paved path
 3.9 R. on Belleview Hill Road
 4.6 R. on Anawan Ave.
 4.6 L. on West Roxbury Parkway
 4.7 Straight around rotary (watch traffic on Centre St.)
 5.4 R. on Weld St.
 5.9 Straight across Centre St.
 6.2 L. on Walter St.
 6.3 R. into Arnold Arboretum (between boulders)
 6.7 L. up hill after crossing Bussey Brook
 7.0 Follow main road to right at top of hill and start down
 7.3 L. on main road between two ponds
 7.7 L. on sidewalk at Arboretum main entrance
 7.9 Cross rotary on sidewalk to May St.
     (wrong way bike lane possible)

 8.1 R. on Pond St.
 8.2 L. on sidewalk across Prince St. and Parkman Drive
 8.3 Enter mixed use path
 8.4 Bear right on bike path
     (when ped. path goes along Jamaica Pond)
 9.0 Cross Perkin St.
     Straight on Jamaicaway path or
     L. on Perkin St Sidewalk
     R. on Olmsted Park bikepath (separate bike and ped. paths)
 9.8 Cross Route 9 at your own risk
    Straight on River Road
 9.9 Bear R. onto bikepath
10.2 L. across Brookline Ave. at Riverway (2nd light)
 Straight on old bridle path along Riverway
10.3 L. on Netherlands St.
10.4 R. onto Muddy River Path
11.0 Cross Park Drive
 L. into Landmark Center from sidewalk
11.1 R. on path along Green Line trolley
11.2 R. on Overland St.
11.3 L. on Brookline Ave.
11.4 R. on Jersey St. (at Fenway Park)
11.7 Cross Park Drive
 L. onto wide sidewalk
12.0 Bike slowly through Fenway Victory Gardens
12.1 Straight at light down center of  Storrow Drive onramp
12.4 Bear L. toward Storrow Drive West (Newton)
12.5 R. through break in guardrail onto Charles River Bikepath
     Follow bikepath to end at Leverett Circle (Science Museum)
14.5 Cross Storrow Drive at light

Charlestown Bikeways: The North Shore Connection

14.5  Straight on Lomasney Way
14.8  L. on Causeway St. past the Federal Bldg. and North Station
15.1  L. on Washington St. across Charles River
15.4  Straight on Main St. around base of Bunker Hill
16.5  R. on Medford St.
      (at Schrafft Building just before Sullivan Square)
16.8  Note remnant of Olmsted-designed park on right
17.5  R. on Chelsea St.

18.0  L. into Charlestown Navy Yard (See USS Constitution)
18.1  R. on Water St.
18.3  Enter Revere Landing Park
      (part of the New Charles River Esplanade)
18.5  Cross into Boston on New Charles River Dam
18.7  R. on Causeway St.
18.8  R. on Nashua St.
19.2  Straight onto Charles River Bikepath (upstream)

The Southwest Corridor: Urban Park Route

20.3  L. off Charles River Bikepath over bridge to Dartmouth St.
20.4  L. on Back St after crossing Storrow Drive
20.5  R. on Clarendon St.
21.2  R. on Tremont St.
21.7  L. on Melnea Cass Bikepath
      (one of oldest new bikepaths in Boston)
21.8  L. on Southwest Corridor Bikepath at Ruggles MBTA station
24.6  L. on path at end of Southwest Corridor
24.7  Cross Washington St.
      Follow sidewalk to Franklin Park
25.2  R. on park road just past Shattuck Hospital
      Follow road past pond and stables to golf course
25.7  R. on American Legion Highway
      (side paved shoulders could become bike lanes)

26.7  L. on Walk Hill Ave.
      (Massachusetts Audubon Boston Nature Center on left)
27.3  R. on Almont St. just past Harvard St.
27.7  Almont Park is large and interesting,
      and a path connects to Blue Hill Ave.
27.9  R. on Blue Hill Ave.
28.5  Straight at Mattapan Square onto Brush Hill Road
29.2  Straight on Truman Parkway/Highway
31.6  L. on Neponset Valley Parkway
31.8  Finish ride at Paul's Bridge
      Burma Road, to the right, takes you across Rt. 128 car-free.