East Coast Greenway New Hampshire to Boston, July 16, 1994

At 1:00 pm on Saturday, July 16, in Boston, cyclists from Maine and Massachusetts' North Shore will pass the Greenway banner to people in wheelchairs, who will carry it up the Charles River Esplanade and pass it on to in-line skaters who will carry it to JFK Park in Cambridge. A second group of cyclists will meet at Cambridge Common at 2:00 pm. Before heading toward the Minuteman Bikeway, half the group will walk to the river to get the banner from the skaters, demonstrating the need for a better connection between the Charles River bikepaths and the Minuteman Bikeway. Cyclists will ride out the Minuteman past its current end in Bedford to Concord.
 0.0	Massachusetts State line 
 0.0	South on Rt. 1A (North End Blvd.)
 2.0	R. on Rt. 1A (Beach Rd.)
 4.0	L. on Ferry Rd.
 5.9	R. on March Rd.
 6.2	L. on U.S. 1
 6.3	Over bridge into Newburyport
 6.5	R. on Pond St.
 7.1	L. on Graf St.
 7.3	R. on Parker St.
 8.4	R. on Scotland Rd.
10.5	Cross I-95 straight on South St.
11.5	L. on Main St. in Byfield
12.6	Straight through Byfield center
14.3	Straight on North St. to Georgetown
16.3	Straight on Rt. 97 (Central St.)
18.2	Straight on R. 97 (Killam Hill Rd. in Boxford)
19.6	Straight under I-95
20.1	Straight on Rt. 97 (Ipswich Rd.)
20.4	Straight on Rt. 97 (Haverhill Rd.)
22.5	Straight on Rt. 97 (Main St. in Topsfield)
23.6	Cross U.S. 1
23.0	L. on Rt. 97 (High St.)
25.5	Bear L. on Rt. 97 (Topsfield Rd.)
26.6	L. on Cherry St. in Wenham
27.7	Bear L. on Monument St.
28.1	L. on Rt. 1A
28.4	R. on Larch Row
30.1	R. on Grapevine Rd.
30.8	Straight on Rt. 22
31.1	Straight on Grapevine Rd.
32.5	Cross Rt. 128
32.8	Straight on Hart Rt. in Beverly
34.0	L. on Hart Rd.
34.2	R. on Rt. 127 (Hale St.)
37.4	L. on Rt. 127 (Lothrup St.)
38.5	L. on Rt. 1A
38.6	L.  on Rt. 1A over slippery bridge
38.7	Straight on Rt. 1A (Bridge St.)
39.5	Straight on Rt. 107 (Bridge St.)
40.8	L. on Rt. 107 (Boston St.)
41.0	R. on Rt. 107 (Essex St.)
41.3	Straight on Rt. 107 (Highland Ave.)
45.4	R. on Franklin St. in Lynn
45.5	L. on Boston St.
47.2	Straight on Lincoln Ave.
49.1	Straight on Salem St. in Malden
49.8	Bear L. on Lynn St. under U.S. 1
50.1	Cross "Bike to the Sea" RR right-of-way
50.2	Join Rt. 60
50.3	Bear L. on Lynn St.
51.5	L. on Rt. 99 (Broadway)
53.0	Cross Rt. 16
54.0	Cross Mystic River
54.5	3rd R. at rotary onto Rutherford Ave. (slight L.)
56.0	R. over Charlestown Bridge on N. Washington St.
56.4	R. on Causeway St.
56.7	Straight on Staniford St.
56.9	L. on Cambridge St.
57.2	Straight on Tremont St.
57.3	R. on Park St.
57.4	L. on Beacon St.
57.6	Cross Charles St.
57.7	Hampshire House on R.

East Coast Greenway Boston to Concord, July 16, 1994

On July 16, cyclists from Maine will meet cyclists from Massachusetts' North Shore in Salisbury, MA (in the upper right corner of Massachusetts) at 8:00 am and ride to Boston. In Boston, the cyclists will pass the Greenway banner to people in wheelchairs who will continue along the Greenway route.
 0.0	Start on Beacon St. side Boston Public Garden
 0.0	West on Beacon St. 
 0.1	R. over Storrow Drive on Fiedler Footbridge
 0.3	L. on Charles River Bikepath
 1.0	R. up ramp to Massachusetts Ave.
 1.1	Stop at top of ramp
 1.1	Cross Charles River on Massachusetts Ave.
 1.6	L. on Paul Dudley White Bikepath (upstream)
	Cross Brookline St. at the B.U. Bridge
 2.0	Cross River St.
 2.2	Cross Western Ave.
 2.8	R. across Memorial Drive and JFK St.
 2.9	Stop at fountain in JFK Park
 3.0	R. up sidewalk to Eliot St.
 3.1	Straight on Eliot St.
 3.2	R. on Brattle St.
 3.3	L. on Massachusetts Ave.
 3.4	Cross Garden St. into Cambridge Common
 3.5	Stop at monument in Common
 4.1	R. on Garden St.
 4.2	Bear R. on Garden St. at Concord Ave
 4.7	L. on Garden St. at fork (not Sherman St.)
 5.0	R. across Danehy Park
 5.2	L. on Sherman St.
 5.5	L. on Rindge Ave. at light
 6.7	R. into parking lot toward Alewife MBTA station
 6.0	Go under Alewife Brook Parkway
 6.0	R. between Alewife MBTA Station and Parkway
 6.1	Cross access road
 6.1	L. on sidewalk
 6.2	R. on sidewalk across Little River
 6.3	Straight under MA 2
 6.4	Minuteman Bikeway starts to R. of parking lot
Minuteman Bikeway
 7.0	Follow Minuteman Bikeway past Spy Pond
 7.5	L. on Massachusetts Avenue at Arlington Center
 7.7	R. on Swan Place
 7.7	L. on Minuteman Bikeway
 9.1	Cross MA 2A (Maple St.)
10.5	Pass Lexington Center
11.7	Cross MA 4 and 225
12.3	Cross Rt. 128 /I-95
12.8	Cross Hartwell Ave.
Minuteman Extension
14.3	Straight on Railroad Ave.
14.6	Straight on Minuteman right-of-way
15.4	Cross Hartwell Rd. (optional route to MA 62)
16.2	Cross MA 62
17.0	Cross Great Meadows entrance
18.1	L. on Monument St. or Lowell St.
18.5	End at Concord Center rotary

East Coast Greenway Concord to Worcester, July 17, 1994

On Sunday, July 17, bicyclists will meet at Concord Center at 10:00am and ride up the Assabet River valley to Hudson, following the proposed Assabet River Rail Trail. From Hudson, the route goes along the Central Massachusetts Railroad right-of-way \(but mostly on roads\), passing through a tunnel to the Wachusett Reservoir Dam in Clinton. It ends at Lake Quinsagamond State Park in Worcester. Cyclists can cut off 20 miles by turning back after the tunnel in Clinton.
Assabet Connection (on-street route)
0.0	West on MA 62 (Main St.) at rotary
0.2	R. at fork on Main St. (not Sudbury Rd.)
0.7	L. at fork on Main St. (not Elm St./MA 2A)
1.6	Cross MA 2
4.5	R. on High St.
4.7	L. on Adams St.
4.8	L. on Concord Rd.
5.9	Cross MA 27 (Brown Rd.)
Assabet Valley Greenway
5.9	L. on Acton St.
5.9	R. on Maple Ct.
6.0	L. on Maple St.
6.2	L. on Summer St.
6.2	R. on Nason St.
6.3	R. on MA 62 (Main St.)
7.1	L. on MA 117 (Great Rd.)
7.2	Cross Assabet River
7.3	R. on Winter St.
7.5	Straight on RR right-of-way
7.9	Cross White Pond Rd.
9.7	R. on Sudbury Rd.
9.8	Cross Assabet River
10.0	L. on Sudbury Rd.
10.7	L. on MA 62 (Gleasondale Rd.)
11.2	Bear R. on MA 62 (Wilkins St.)
12.0	Bear R. on MA 62 (Main St. in Hudson)
Central Mass. Rail Trail (proposed)
12.0	Straight on MA 62 (Main St.)
13.6	R. on MA 62 (Central St.)
13.7	L. on MA62 (Central St.)
14.2	R. on Central St.
15.3	R. on RR tracks
15.8	Straight under I495 on tracks
16.4	R. on Sawyer Hill Rd.
16.5	R. on Walnut St.
17.5	R. on Carter St.
17.7	L. on Carter St.
18.0	Straight on MA 62 (Berlin St.)
18.9	R. on Berlin St.
20.5	L. on WIlson St.
20.7	L. on Clamshell Rd.
21.2	R. on RR right-of-way through tunnel
21.5	L. on MA 70 (Boylston St.)
27.8	Cross MA 140
30.4	L. on Plantation St.
31.1	Straight under I-290
31.3	L on Natural History Rd.
Along Lake Quinsagamond
31.4	R. on N.Lake Ave.
32.5	Straight on Lake Ave. across MA 9
33.5	Stop at Lake Quinsagamond State Park

East Coast Greenway Worcester to Rhode Island, July 23, 1994

On Saturday, July 23, Cyclists will start in Lake Quinsagamond State Park in Worcester at 9:30 am and ride to Providence, Rhode Island along the Blackstone River with people who are working to establish a Blackstone River Greenway.
0.0	Start at Lake Quinsagamond State Park
0.0	South on Lake St.
1.4	R. on Sunderland Rd.
1.7	L. on MA 122
2.0	R. on Blithwood Ave.
2.8	L. on Massasoit
3.5	Straight on Millbury across US 20
4.2	Straight on Millbury across Mass.Pike
5.4	R. on Howe Rd. at fork
Blackstone River Bikeway
6.1	L. on MA 122A (Canal St. in Millbury)
6.2	Straight on MA 122A (Canal St.)
6.3	Bear R. on MA 122A (Providence Road)
8.7	Straight on MA 122A (Main St. in Wilkinsonville)
10.0	R. on Ferry St in Fisherville
10.8	R. on Maple Ave.
11.3	Straight on Farnumsville Rd.
12.0	Straight on Hill St. (Northbridge)
15.3	Straight on Douglas Rd. in Whitinsville
15.4	L. on Fletcher St.
16.4	Straight On Rivulet St.
17.2	L. on Hartford Ave.
17.4	Cross MA 122
17.4	Cross MA 122
18.0	R. on Granite St.
18.8	R. on Oak St.
19.2	L. on MA 16 (Mendon St. in Uxbridge)
19.8	R. on Hecla St. in Wheelockville
20.6	Straight on Elmdale St.
20.8	L. on Bacon St.
20.9	R. on Blackstone St.
22.2	Cross MA 122
22.4	L. on MA 122 (Millville Rd.)
24.4	Straight on MA 122 through Millville
25.5	Cross Southern New England Trunk Line Trail
26.4	R. on Church St.
26.5	L. on Canal St.
26.7	R. on Bridge St. over Blackstone River
26.8	L. on St. Paul St.
26.8	R. on Canal St.o
27.0	Mass./R.I. State Line