Women of Brook Farm
Sunday, October 18, 2015

Women from New Brook Farm and the Boston Womens History Trail
researched and wrote parts for six women who lived or spent time at Brook Farm:
co-founder Sophia Ripley, Trancendentalist book shop owner and frequent visitor Elizabeth Peabody,
Mistress of Revels Amelia Russell, Georgiana Bruce Kirby, Kate Sloan Gaskill, and Mary Ann Dwight Orvis.
Actress Jessa Piaia impersonated frequent Brook Farm visitor Margaret Fuller.

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All photos are by Jessica Mink or Laura Smeaton, Masspaths.net
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Near the site of The Hive

Photos by Laura Smeaton

Near the site of The Phalanstery

Photos by Jessica Mink

Near the site of The Aerie

Photos by Laura Smeaton