Many people provided information and assistance in preparing this report. Special thanks to:

Peter Thorpe and Daniel A. O'Brien of the Department of Environmental Management for proposing the project and agreeing to the interdepartmental effort which focused it on the western suburbs of Boston;

Cathy Buckley of CTPS for giving focus to the work as part of the Metrowest study, and for much good advice as well as practical assistance in providing and preparing maps.

John Stasik and the members of the Metrowest Bicycle Committee, representing the various cities and towns, for providing data, and for their their very useful comments.

Richard Parkinson for furnishing copies of his proposals for bicycle paths in aqueduct corridors.

Members of bicyclists' organizations and of the public who took an interest in the project, attended Metrowest Bicycle Committee meetings, and provided much useful input.

My wife, Elisse Ghitelman and son, Jacob Allen, for their consideration of the time required by this project.