Emerald Necklace Greenway

Perkins St. Bikelanes,
Jamaica Plain, MA

bikelane map Bikelanes were painted onto Perkins St. from the Jamaicaway to Prince St. in October 2000. They intersect with the Jamaicaway bikepath and were painted by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, with the permission of the Metropolitan District Commission, which actually owns Perkins St. These photos were taken on December 3, 2000, on one of the rides which the Emerald Necklace Greenway Project leads on the first Sunday of every month, all year--the bikepaths of the Emerald Necklace are plowed during the winter. Click on the map to see a larger, more-readable version.
( Yahoo! map)
View of bikelane looking toward Jamaica Pond from Prince St. near the Brookline border. Cyclists in bikelane coming downhill toward Jamaica Pond from Prince St.
The bikelane swings out to allow for parking at the curb. The bikelane widens into a right turn lane at the intersection with Francis Parkman Drive, which goes off to the right just before Jamaica Pond.
The bikelane passes between traffic and parked cars along Jamaica Pond. The bikelanes at the intersection of Perkins St. and Cypress St. could still use some work.
Cyclists wait to cross Perkin St. to head into Brookline on Cypress St. Perkin St. crosswalk at the north end of Jamaica Pond
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