Puerto Rico Bicycle Law

The following is a translation of the bicycle law of The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as found in Spanish is at http://www.dtop.gov.pr/DISCO/Guia/BiciMoto.htm#BICICLETAS. Editorial notes are in brackets.
-Luis Anaya papo@dcentral.com


The cyclist is subject to all the laws governing motor vehicles and transit except those that because of its nature, does not apply. The following actions are forbidden by law.
  1. To carry more passengers than the number of seats available on a bicycle.
  2. To carry packages or objects that potrudes the front or the back of the bicycle and/or wider than the width of the handlebars. [It should exclude trailers]
  3. To pair up with another cyclist [single line only] and do not ride on the right. [Country roads are very narrow.]
  4. To install and/or use a siren or horn.
  5. To use excesively the bicycle bell in urban zones. [This should be obsoleted. probably it was meant to avoid upsetting a horse].
  6. To ride on sidewalks or other structures that are destined to the exclusive use to pedestrians. [Not enforced on kids. cops do like you on the sidewalks.]
  7. To ride without a white light on the front and a red light or reflector in the back.
  8. To ride a bicycle with damaged brakes.
[It might imply that riding on highways is legal. Well, it is on certain limited access roads unless otherwise posted, which is most of the ones that compose the Puerto Rico Highway Network. This is changing to make them all not legal for bicycle use. The Puerto Rican Vehicle code also forbids access to motorcycles on highways if they have an engine smaller than 360 cc and all motorcycles must have a permit from the Department of Transportation and Public works to ride on a highway.]
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