Proposed Boston Bicycle Parking Bylaw

(DRAFT 9/15/2000)

  1. Purpose
  2. The purpose of this bylaw is to provide adequate and safe facilities for the storage of bicycles.

  3. Applicability
  4. Bicycle parking facilities shall be provided for any new building, addition or enlargement of an existing building, or for any change in the occupancy of any new building that results in the need for additional auto parking facilities.

  5. Exemptions
  6. No bicycle parking spaces shall be required for the following uses: single-family residence, two-family residence, funeral parlor, undertaker, automobile repair or body shop, gas station, and car wash.

  7. Bicycle Parking Spaces Required
  8. Off-street bicycle parking shall be provided as follows:
    1. For multi-family residences, there shall be one bicycle space or locker for each two (2) dwelling units or portion thereof.
    2. For all other uses, except those uses exempted under Section 2.0(c), one bicycle parking space shall be provided for every 10 parking spaces required under the bylaw.
    3. In all cases where bicycle parking is required, a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of fifty (50) bicycle parking spaces shall be provided.

    4. The SPGA may reduce the required number of bicycle parking spaces based on information provided by the applicant confirming that fewer bicycle parking spaces are required.
    5. A maximum of two (2) required vehicle parking spaces may be used for bicycle parking spaces.

  9. Location and Design of Bicycle Parking Facilities
    1. Accessory off-street parking for bicycles shall include provision for secure storage of bicycles. Such facilities shall provide lockable enclosed lockers or racks or equivalent structures in or upon which a bicycle may be locked by the user.
    2. Structures that require a user supplied locking device shall be designed to accommodate both chain and U-shaped locking devices and shall support the bicycle frame at two locations (not just the wheel).
    3. All lockers and racks must be securely anchored to the ground or the building structure to prevent the racks and lockers from being removed from the location.
    4. The surfacing of such facilities shall be designed and maintained to be mud and dust free. The use of rock or gravel areas for bicycle parking is permitting provided that edging materials, such as landscape timbers are used so that the bicycle parking area is clearly demarcated and the rock material is contained.
    5. Bicycle parking facilities shall be sufficiently separated from motor vehicle parking areas to protect parked bicycles from damage by motor vehicles. The separation may be accomplished through grade separation, distance or physical barrier, such as curbs, wheel stops, poles or other similar features.
    6. Required bicycle parking spaces shall be at least two (2) feet by six (6) feet per bicycle.
    7. An aisle a minimum of five (5) feet wide shall be provided behind bicycle parking facilities to allow for maneuvering.
    8. Sufficient space, to be a minimum of 24 inches, shall be provided beside each parked bicycle to allows access. This access may be shared by adjacent bicycles. Racks shall be installed a minimum of 24 inches from any wall or other obstruction.
    9. Bicycle parking facilities shall be located in a clearly designated safe and convenient location. Whenever possible, the bicycle parking shall be placed within 50 feet of building entrances and in well-lit areas.
    10. It is recommended that half of the bicycle parking spaces be provided as long term parking, safe and secure from vandalism and theft, and protected from the elements. The other half shall be provided as short term (customer or visitor) parking, and it is recommended that these parking spaces be visible and convenient to the building entrance.