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This is a collection of information concerning bicycle parking regulations and devices.

Bicycle Parking Laws

Bike Parking Device Guidance

Long Term Bike Parking
Ed Cox of the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates has put together lists of required and desired features for several types of parking facilities, including cages, bike rooms, and bike lockers.
Bicycle Parking Facilities Guidelines
Developed by the City of Portland (Oregon) Bicycle Program, these illustrated guidelines will be useful to anyone who is thinking of installing any kind of bicycle parking.
Bicycle Parking at the Workplace
This page in the National Transportation Library was written quite a few years ago in Boston by Bill Schwartz when he was at the MAPC. It still makes some good points, though addresses may be out of date.
Supply and Demand for Cycle Parking
Information from the UK DETR on all aspects of bicycle parking
Cycle Parking: Examples of Good Practice
Another online pamphlet from the UK DETR
Bike Parking: What to look for and what to avoid
Cora Bike Racks in Australia has put together a good list of what kinds of racks work and what kinds do not.

Bike Parking Device Manufacturers (listed alphabetically)

Allen Bike Racks, Inc.
Known for their bike racks for vehicles, Allen also makes racks for stationary storage of bicycles.
American Bicycle Security Co.
15 models of bike lockers for both horizontal and vertical parking plus one with a solar panel to power a night security lighting or a card reader system.
Manufacturers of on-demand shared electronic bicycle lockers.
Bike Track, Inc.
Manufacturers of wall mounted vertical bike parking modules and single-bike compact bike racks.
Bike-Up Bicycle Parking Systems Inc.
A line of post-dish-drainer racks in Ontario.
Creative Pipe, Inc.
Manufacturer of bicycle racks, lockers, and bollards in California and Oregon.
Cycle-Safe, Inc.
Manufacturer of bicycle storage lockers and racks in Michigan. Cycle-Works, Limited distributes their lockers and racks in the UK.
Dero Bike Rack Company
This manufacturer has quite a variety of interesting designs. They include detailed drawings and dimensions of many of their racks on the website and are located in Minnesota.
Dobra Design
Manufacturer of interior and exterior bike racks, they are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Function First Bike Security
Makers of the "Bike Rib" series of variations on inverted U racks, located in Oregon.
Guardian Bicycle Locker System
Low maintenance bike locker manufactured from plastic. A bicycle is fully contained with a hook for helmet and riding gear.
JOSTA Designs
A German manufacturer of bicycle parking systems.

Where to Park Your Bike

Bicycle Parking in Downtown Boston
The BikeBoston committee of the Bicycle Coalition of Massachusetts puts out this handy pamphlet listing bicycle parking locations in an area where there are surprisingly few pieces of street furniture to which bikes can be locked.
Bikestations are publicly-owned bike-transit facilities that offer secure valet bicycle parking and other amenities to encourage the use of a bicycle as a transportation mode. Two such facilities are in operation in Long Beach and Palo Alto, California. See their web page for further details.

The Bethlehem Bicycle Commuter Facility affords its members access to bicycle tools, a shower facility, work sink, bathroom, washer/dryer unit, secure bicycle parking and a bike wash. There is a $400 annual fee for membership, half of which is payable by 20 hours of community service. There is a $100 security deposit for the keys. A recent grant will allow the addition of small lockers and large cages for bicycles and tools. For further information, contact CAT (the Coalition for Alternative Transportation) at

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